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Dateren van vingersporen met quantum dots (DaVinciQD)

The RAAK-Publiek project DaVinciQD is a 2 years project in which the Saxion research groups Advanced Forensic Technology and Nanobio closely work together with the National Police, the University of Twente and several private companies to develop an age dating fingerprint technique.

By using functionalized quantum dots (QDs) the aim is to develop and realize a new method in which fingerprints can accurately be detected and dated by forensic researches directly on the crime scene. In order to develop this technique we will first establish which biomarkers provide significant information about the time a fingerprint is deposit on a surface. These biomarkers will then be used as a target for functionalized QDs. Together with the partners and companies in the consortium the QDs with the best signal and resolution will be analyzed and tested for accuracy and specificity. Also the choice for the most optimal imaging system will be addressed based on feasibility and performance. 

In a later phase of the project we will focus on how to integrate this method into (or as an addition) to the currently used techniques by the forensic researches. When the method is optimized the newly developed method for dating fingerprints on a crime scene will be tested in practice on realistic scenarios and implemented into the current forensic practice.

Time period: March 2020 – March 2022

Projectleader: Willemijn van der Woerd-van Eldik