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DaVinciQD, dating fingerprints with quantum dots

Project description

The goal of the DavinciQD project is to determine the age of fingerprints using quantum dots.

On a crime scene, a forensic investigator collects fingerprints, to determine which persons were on the crime scene. However, besides identification of the fingerprint, it is for many reasons of utmost importance to relate the fingerprint to the crime by dating the fingerprint.

Firstly, the age determination of fingerprints prevents the use of lot of resources, and hence money, as only the traces relevant to the case are further investigated. Secondly, it decreases tunnel vision. Thirdly, it enables to relate the place of a fingerprint within the timeframe of the crime.

To date a fingerprint, it is crucial to have biomarkers available in a fingerprint. Research has shown that some of these biomarkers are rather stable, hardly decompose or transform over time, and as such, can function as an internal standard. With these biomarkers, it is now very important that to determine the intra-variability of these biomarkers, before a framework is constructed, using these biomarkers as an internal standard.

In this research project you will focus on analyzing the intra-variability of different biomarkers, mainly fatty acids and glycerides, within a fingerprint. The research will be conducted on the GC-MS. The project will contain optimalisation of a fingerprint extraction protocol, optimalisation of GC-MS analysis and data analysis.

Educational program:
- Chemistry / Chemie (C)

Interested, please send your motivation letter and CV before the 4th of July 2022 to
Rebecca van Oostrom